Mighty Minions origin story.

I am Mighty Minion.

I ran from an abusive place. I had nothing with me but my cloths., computer, and my car. My car. Then I ran, far, fast and alone.  I ended up in a cheep motel for the night as I figured out what to do. From there, a very, very good friend of mine rescued me. I found a room that I could afford if nothing went wrong, and it was great at first.  Then, a kid moved into the room next to me, and I couldn’t sleep, So I moved in with another friend of mine.  Boyfriend, but very, very new. We’d just started dating, but I couldn’t find a place that I could afford that didn’t smell like pot, or was loud. I sleep in the day and evening, so quiet is the kind of place that I thrive on.

I had chosen to become a Mighty Minion before I ran. But it was on the day that I ran that I became one.  And now, I’m more scared then I ever remember being. I’m scared of *everything* I’m scared I’ll get fired, scared that I won’t ever get out of my currant job. But mostly, I’m just scared… of stupid stuff. Sometimes it’s the floor, other times its’ of the space around the floor, sometimes I’m scared of going for a hike. Right now, I’m scared that I won’t be able to find my camera charger that’s not lost… and that I will mess up the batteries for the camera by charging them before they are fully out…  But I’m trying new treatments. They have been given to me by my dr. It’s too soon to tell if it’s working… but I’m really freaking out because of “possible side effects” that wouldn’t have kicked in yet anyway.

And that brings me to my job. I hate being a wage slave here. But at least at my job I can go through the mess that is getting a condition like anxiety under control. I can’t be calling in sick or acting strangely at work at a new job, now can I? nope. But acting strange is almost required at  my job. Normal people don’t last long there… and I last by working the overnight shift and being energy out of the way.  I’ve been at this job for so long that it seems like the only job I’ve ever had… I’m so sick of my Job.


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