I am working my way from Mighty Minion To Fearless Leader. 

Mighty Minion: The person who is actively changing there lives for the better, but still stuck under someone else’s control when they longing to be free.

Who is a Fearless Leader? One who has broken free, and is now the one in control. One who has adequate (or surplus) resources to do what they want.

Where am I now?  Currently fighting with an overwhelming fear that has taken over all most all of my life. This has left me having a really  hard time holding down most jobs. I’ve got one that I keep because it’s well suited to me. But I’m getting help, and working towards personal, business, and financial  freedom.

So, what would “free” be to me?

A small 1 bedroom apartment, in a city walking distance from all of my favorite places.  The beach ocean and sound of waves being one of them.  I’d be earning my money by doing something creative as well as public speaking.  My free time, or maybe even my paid gigs would be working to completely change the mental health system as we know it… Transform it until it’s something that would be useable.


Join me?


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