took a big huge break

I took a huge break from life yesterday. It was several hours, where I left my phone in the car, and only had a camera, an empty beach and a friend of mine. The weather was perfect for a day at the beach, and I just happened pick it. My friend gets out less then I do, because I go for job interviews on a regular basis, and therapy twice a week.  The day ended with us sleeping for a few hours together. (and I mean sleep.) it was magical… I woke up with dinner ready and it was really good dinner.

That right there is how more days need to feel. Just all around good. It wasn’t the whole day, only most of it, and I hadn’t slept for more then 24 hours before we headed home. But, still… I haven’t had a day like that in longer then I can remember, where I got to relax without trying. Where I couldn’t stay stressed and worried any longer.


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