Getting my Stuff

I gave Steve a chance, again. He’s spent most of my life being nothing more then a drug addict who was abusive towards me. He’s a family friend, and someone who my dad relied on to provide child care on a regular basis. I didn’t spend any time with him, nor talk to him for a long while. Then, I needed some storage. He never stopped calling me, so I answered one day. We talked. Then later, he called again, and I asked to store some of my stuff at his place. I didn’t expect him to have changed, but I really needed storage, and I needed it to be free.

He’s the one who did all of the calling. He’s the one who obviously wanted a relationship with me. So, I layd down the ground rules with him. They were specific, and very, very easy to avoid breaking.

1.  Don’t talk about my Dad.

2. Don’t ask me to move back “home”.  It is not my home.

3. When you say you will do something  do it.

Back to now? you can bet that he broke all three of them.  the first 2 he broke quickly… and I reminded him of the basic rules, and moved on. He would try to explain, I would just move on. It didn’t work. He kept on doing it. Again, and again, and again.

Then I went to get some of my stuff, and found that it wasn’t the way that it should have been, and that some items were broken, and others were missing. I expected this, but I was desperate.  I called him out on it, because he started talking about how he was “glad to see me” and “how much he cares about me.”  Yet, he didn’t keep my stuff safe after have said that no one would touch it.  I just couldn’t let him lie to me anymore…. He then tried to tell me that it’s all my fault, that I’m wrong. I just told him that I’m done listening to him. He tried to get me to argue. I simply said that “you don’t get to control me.” and finished loading up my car.  He continued to talk at me, and I continued to ignore him, and walked around him carrying stuff.

But, now, I feel like shit, and am not sure why I still feel like it’s my fault… This was on sunday. Yesterday, I started to have headaches that were so bad that I had to leave work early. They are the light sensitive kind, and I had them through the whole time that I lived there. They stopped once I moved out for the most part. It’s better today, but while writing this post, the headache started to come back…


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