Bright, warm, fuzzy…Zoloft

Being on Zoloft feels like waking up in an overly bright, cold room wrapped up in a soft fuzzy electric blanket. Nothing except how comfortable it is to lay in bed matters… Until you have to open your eyes get out of bed and go pee. Then the only thing worth doing is going back to bed.
The problem with this? The actions that Raoult result are mostly negative. I don’t go out and do things. I don’t make anything. I don’t want to do Anything. I only go to work or school. I don’t make plans, I don’t make the needed changes in my life. 
Yet my doctors think that this is fine, and normal…. Every. Single. One.
They ignore that my chosen profession is photography, and it’s not productive for that.
To sum it up:
Zoloft is bad for me.
Creating stuff is good for me.


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