Mighty Minion… Quits

I quit my second job. I know, I barley got hired on. The position left me hiring all over. That was expected and fine. But, what I didn’t expect was to be dropping dishes on my second night. I seriously couldn’t hold on to a plate any more. I ended up quitting due to not being physically able to do the job. I would have loved to stay on, but that wasn’t an option for me. I need a job where I can keep the grip strength that I have.
I have a repeative stress injury. I knew about it when I took the job. But, this one make my pain level jump from 2 to 10. I expected that, and I was prepared to let my wrists grow stronger, and then slowly return to the level 2. that’s my currant acceptable level. My left is still sitting at a 5, and can get up to a 8 over the normal course of the day. after typing this, for example. But, i’ve dealt with this for years.
SO, I’m counting this as a lesson: strengthen wrists before taking the job… don’t expect to do it all on the job when working more then 2 shifts a week at a new place. Give it time to recover, instead of back to back to back shifts, work less days and as soon as done, put the braces on before starting the car to go home. Leave them on until it’s time to stretch and work out.
Now that I have a better idea of what my bodes going to need, I can move on to the next thing with what I’ve learned.
I’d much rather be starting a business, but affording mental health care now is the first step to making the business work. I’m only hopping that I can make it happen.


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