Found a good Dr.

I started by waiting for way too long in the waiting room, but it was worth it.   When she got in, she introduced her self, and offered me a seat… then asked relevant questions, she knew who I was because she read the chart with all the info I’d given the person who did the blood pressure ect, and asked revenant questions. 

Then she sent me out for blood work. Lots, and lots of tests.  I can’t tell you how relieved it made me to finally have someone checking for an underlying cause.  There are lots of problems that the body can have that cause anxiety, and I’m not ok with treating the stymptoms without checking for a cause (at least over the long term). How do you check? blood tests. It’s not like I’m claming that the “moon people” are out to get me. I just want to know, for sure.

She also asked about some drugs that I’d never heard of, in drug classes that I didn’t know about that can help with anxiety. I had thought that I’d tried everything… she proved all my old dr’s wrong there. 

I’m just felling relieved that I’ve got a  good dr, for the first time in… I hadn’t know there was such a thing…. 


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