How to make money?

I’m terrified. I’m scared of making a wrong choice, and I’m scared of making the right choice… I’m even scared of my teddy bear. The old one that was bigger then me when it was made for me. Right now, there are 2 most pressing questions.
1. will the “new” dr be able to help?
2. how will I make enough money to live?

I’m still working full time, but I can’t afford to work at my job any longer. That’s nothing new. However, that the anxiety is bad again… and the dr is going to prescribe an expensive fix.. but I’m not sure that I can get a new job and learn stuff at it, and do well if I’m feeling this scared. I’m bairly able to get through my current job, and that’s only because i could do my job in my sleep.

Now, if I could just let my anxiety relax for a moment, and at least get started on the job hunt, or working on making the choices behind having a website for my self, then I might be getting somewhere.


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