“Life is Pain”

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something” The Princess Bride.


I hurt, both physically and emotionally. If it’s a good day, I’m only uncomfortable. My hands and wrist are, at best mildly uncomfortable. I’ve got arthritis already. On the bad days I can barley move my hands.  On the really bad days, I”ve got burning pain shooting up my arms.  Lucky for me, the really bad days don’t happen very often.


Then there’s the anxiety. It comes in stops and starts, and right now it’s really bad. My phone… is mostly dead. I can barley use it. I’ve got another one on the way, but it’s not here yet. I’ve got more reliable phone for my own use, and because of my magical number service, I’m porting my texts and calls to it..


But, I’ve lost all of the apps that I have become dependent on. Every time I go to use one, I have a panic attack. It’s ranging from mild to very severe… How do now get notes onto my computer? I can’t. How do I view my google calendar? I can’t.. check email? nope. Take a photograph of what i want to remember? not gonna happen…


So, what do I do? I freak out. I take my time, and I get things done as I can. I let people know that I’m waiting on the new phone… and I try not to mess things up too badly.  I then also remind myself that I am a self-rescuing princess… who gets a little help.


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