this month

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. 


This month has been a hard one.  I spent most of it working. Not just the day job, but working on writing a fictional work, as well as doing research for a book about cooking, cheaply.  Somewhere, I managed to find a way to deal with the icy bathroom window, and the freezing cold house when I go to work, and when I come home. It’s cold here when I go to bed too, but then I’m snuggled under a nice warm blanket. 


Somewhere in that, I was taken down, and hard. I’ve spent the past week sick. I went from feeling cold, to a sore throat, to sleeping. Skip to now, and I’ve lost 3 days of doing anything usefull, and through a huge effort on my part, spent yesterday shopping, cleaning, and doing most of the laundry.  Today? I cooked rice, and a vegetable dish. After posting this, I’m going to lay out my stuff for work.  Then a nap before work. 


Hopefully tomorrow, I will feel like eating more flavorless pasta cooking by pouring hot water over it. It’s much easer to cook. ..


So, if you’re sick this holiday season, take care of your self. If you’re well… make sure that you don’t skip the multi-vitamins.


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