Brain Fog

I don’t have writers block. I just have a brain fog, that things that makes it hard to think of anything. I’m fighting with the current room mate and I’m really pissed at the idoit who thinks that an iPad is a Microsoft product. Now he’s doing the same stupid stuff with his coffee order. That’s what I get for going to the main stream coffee shop. Next time, I’m going to the one that’s right on my way home from work.

I know.. It’s that time of the month for me. Between the fear, and the discomfort of my body, I’m just over it. I’m done with this location, done with my job, done with my goals, and dreams. The only thing that I want right now is the beautiful bliss of sleep, and to wake up not hurting, in a warm house. I’d love a warm house.

Sigh. I know I won’t get that anytime soon. I know that I’m stuck here right now. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any headway in the past few months. I’ve gotten alot paid for, and now I’m again stuck in a brain fog.


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