Choosing my next project,

I have several short stories, and one peace of non-fiction that I have waiting in the wings to have a draft written of. However, I don’t know that I should choose, or even what I want to work on. There is no concrete reason why one of the works would be better for me to write then the other.  No matter what project I choose, I’m going to be stuck with it for a while.


I have a feeling that my non-fiction idea is the most complete, most ready to go, and the most likely for people to want to by. I just don’t want to spend more time in this part of my life where I’m cold, hungry, and on the edge of failing. I’m working my ass off to keep me going. I’m slowly putting one foot in front of the other. But do I need the escape of fiction? To put onto the page stories of place that are warm, and where food is good, and people art is paid for?  Can I continue on in this existence when all of my writing is focussed on it?


I’m not sure. I Have very little in the way of an idea there. SO, I am going to do try to work on 2 projects at the same time. I’ll work on the non-fiction one until I run into a period where It need research, not writing.


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