Working Through The Fear

This evening, I was trying to give the bed a bear hug. I was laying there, with nothing but fear running through me, making me feel as if I were going to cry. The fear that was crippling me? The fear that I’d never get out of being poor. That I’d never be able to afford more then my current meager living. 


Instead of laying there and allowing this fear to overcome me, I got up and with a glass of tea, and jar of water, I managed to make it to my computer, and start to write. What did I write? A fiction story that I’d been working on. It has now been put in to a file, and I’ve added to my calendar to review this story in 1 months.


Now, am I afraid? A little. However, that little isn’t stopping me from doing what I need and want to get done. I’m still loosing weight. I’m down 10 pounds, and think that I’m up some muscle. I’m still getting this blog written, and posted. I’m still slowly moving forward with everything that I really want to do.


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