“I’m unworthy of

  • being noticed
  • the stuff I’ve earned
  • the dreams and goals I have
  • fill in blank”

Is there a good way to deal with those feelings? Kinda.

Normally, I go do something with some friends, or my current roommate. (sharing a room sucks). However, sometimes this isn’t an option. So I wait it out. Wait until the feelings aren’t enough to paralyze me. Then I do something, small.  Seeing as I’m the Mighty Minion, I do something small to move that forward. I logged on line to the free zone, then curled up and cried for a while. Then came back online. 

So, the best way to deal is to hang with friends. The second best is to put one foot in front of the other. I don’t know if it will work long term, but it gets more done then drinking the planed on for tonight drinks in the fridge. 


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