Mighty Minion’s new choices

My landlord hasn’t been truthful.  Once everyone got moved in and were having a “happy home” feeling, she started to show that she’s paranoid. I’m not ok with this. One of the roommates is moving. I’m not happy.. but she’s awesome, and could find better.

I’m also not seeing a future for me in this town. I want to go out and do stuff where the markets saturated…and there are no photography jobs. Sure I could do weddings… but I don’t do people photography. 

Now I am back to the planning stage of what I want to do. My goals haven’t changed, but the path is.  So, I am choosing to live here for a while. Despite the fact that they are very far from comfortable. But moving is a pain in the ass, and I don’t want to move three times in one year if I can help it. Once is more then enough.. unless there are really, really good reasons. 

So.. now I get to start learning about where I could get a photography job. I will also plan vacations that let me interview, and enjoy my time in the city of my choosing.  However, If I end up with a good opportunity in this area, I will stay… just in a different house. 


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