Point B

I wish that I had a Point B.. listen to the ted talk on spoken word poetry and self expression This spoken word poem always leaves me with a feeling of hope and wonder tinged with regret. There are a number of reasons for this, and I’m not sure exactly what they are. But I’d like to get started with looking at some of them.

I learned about the power of having the wind knocked from your lungs. It pulls you down for long enough to loose the fight. You come in second, last it doesn’t matter, because no one remembers you. No one ever told me that there would be a next time.

When I realized that there was no hero coming to the rescue, no one told me that I wouldn’t have to do it alone. I quickly learned that no matter how much I tried to hold, and heal in the world, I’d always end up with a broken bone or heart for my trouble. Then I found that the people I wanted most to help were the ones standing on my cape… and I gave up.

But the truth of the matter, that is shown in this poem, is that the world is full of heat break, defeat, and bad things.. but beautiful, wonderful things as well. That the beauty is more then enough to fill the world with hope.

yes, the beauty is fragile, but it’s worth it.

I’m seeing the beauty of it. I’m amazed by the way that light falls at night from the lamp in the hallway on the artwork.


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