How many hours?

I’ve been working a lot lately. Suddenly going from 40 to 60 hour weeks is really nice. I’ve got just enough time to cook, do laundry, and sleep. With the unexpected ramp up, I’ve been putting most things on the back burner.

So, how many hours is too many to work? At a job you hate? The easy answer that I’d like to be able to give is any. In a very true sence, that is what being Mighty Minion is all about… the struggle between earning the money needed to live in this beautiful house, with quiet rooms where I can type in near darkness in the early mornings without being bothered or bothering.

I’ve hit the max. I can’t work 60 hours in a single week, and still feel sane. It’s more then my sanity will allow for long. It pulls the energy that I’d love to use for cleaning my own space, for friends, for blogging.

For me, right now, 60 hours is the max for what I can do. I’ve got big dreams. If I want to be fearless leader, paying off my car extra fast can wait. Getting new equipment can wait. I want out of this job, and the faster the better.


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