Mighty Minion’s been working on something


I used to have to create. That’s not totally true, I used to believe that I had to create. I used to believe that it was a required part of who I was, and what I do. Creating stuff used to be what defined me as me. It was the first part of the definition of my self. The touch stone of me being me.

I no longer believe that. I don’t have to be creative. I don’t have to use that skill set. I don’t have to use any skill set. When I feel like being creative, I could take a sleeping pill and head to bed, or I could go out for a run. There are tons of options that I have when it comes to dealing with the urge to create.

So, what does a Mighty Minion do when faced with this? This Mighty Minion examinations her options. What would life be like if I didn’t create something for a week? How wonderful if I didn’t define my self-worth on creating? Do I even want to create anything any more?

The answers? Wonderful, Wonderful. Yes. I love to create. I love to create things in the same way that cool water tastes best when I’m hot and I’ve spent all day running around. True that warm water would do my body just as well… but I want that long cool drink of water. I want to enjoy the added benefits of being creative.


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