I thought that I was going to hate this. I thought that housemates were going to be crazy not fun. However, I’m loving living with so many woman. It’s a great thing to be able to come home, and find a house that is both quiet and filled with people.
My housemates so far have be awesome. They are crazy. But then again, so am I. We’re a bunch of women. 2 have boyfriends, one is single, and I’m “available”. Together, we make a pleasant household where there’s a pleasant mixture of alone and together. If I want to be left alone, I close the door to my room… and I get left alone. If I don’t want to talk, no one tries to make me.
We even share in life experience. I talk about the funny stuff I find. They talk about there boyfriends, and we all share in our personal growth. We talk about classes, and book and work books that have helped up.
Can I say that I like having my current housemates? They make life nicer. I’m not on the outside looking in, or on the inside looking out. I’m just enjoying having this place as where I get to be.


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