No more creating please.

I get recharged when I create. It makes me feel awake, and alive. Yet, I’d rather be streaming videos and eating cheep candy in bed then doing anything useful. Isn’t that what a wage slave should be doing? Sleeping, being complacent with there lot in life? Ya, I guess so.

My job isn’t so bad on the scale of sole sucking. However, being left with almost 3 days of catch-up work by the person who covered my regular 2 days off counts as making me hurt all over, and not wanting to do my job.. or theres. If they had just done there job, instead of making more work.. or maybe even if they hadn’t done a thing. Just handled the “emergencies”… then I’d of only had 2 days of work ahead of me.

This has left me in the above mentioned state. I’m stressed, scared and hurting. I don’t have the answer of how to feel like creating again. But I want to be a fearless leader, and fearless leaders don’t get days off from doing there important work. That leaves me here, writing this blog. Wishing that it was 2pm when I could quit, and head to bed early.


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