Why Plan Ahead?

Why plan? it always ends up changing?
A planing gives you 2 things. Both are so valuable that it makes the headache of planning worth it.

When making a plan, you have to sit down and ask your self important questions. Lets start with a plan to go shopping, grab lunch with friends, and get some work done at a coffee shop after words. You know your starting location? good. You know what you’re shopping for? You have enough money to by it? You know when the stores open? what stores are likely to have the jacket your looking for? You know what time you’re going to have lunch? and were? You know what you need to bring with you to work on?

Once you’ve got all of that information, you can pull it into a rough plan. I’m going to go to big box store at 9, chain store at 930 ish, then other chain store around 10… then hit chain store in anoher shopping center around 1030 or 11, then be ready for lunch at that cool little family owned joint across the parking lot. Then a jump into the car, and hit the coffee shop by my house. Then home for dinner.

your friends call asking to bump lunch up to 11… doable right? just put the last shopping spot after lunch. easy to adjust.

When planning, you get 2 different things. first you get knowledge about what’s going on. It lets you see where you need more information, and more stuff.

It also gives you a general direction that your going in. Because sometimes life will spins you around until your lost, then knock you out.. and if you don’t have a plan it’s a whole lot harder to get reoriented and moving again.


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