Outlining/business plan

I have never in the past outlined. When teachers required it in school, typically for an essay, I would argue that it required the essay to be written. How on earth could I pull the unorganized bits and peaces from my head until they were written? How could I know if I had all of the information before I found out when writing?
I often discover what I’m thinking when I look at the page and read what I’ve written. I learn what is true there. How then can I possibly outline something? if I don’t know that it’s true yet, how can I say what I will discover to be true?
What I didn’t understand is that an outline is a hypothesis. It’s the statement of what we are going to try to see if it’s true. If it’s not, then I can always change it. In real life, there are no teachers lowering my grade when the outline doesn’t match the paper, and is on a different subject. In real life, the outline is a tool used to make writing easier. It’s a rough guide.

and I managed to make one for my personal manifesto. I don’t even know what all it should have to be called that. But It’s going to be a fairly long document saying who I am, who I hope to be, and who I want to be, and a few actions that I plan on taking to get there. It’s my business plan for my life.
*outline done* whoot!!!


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