I love drinking coffee, and coffee shops. I’ve spent days and days and days sitting in coffee shops, drinking coffee until it was time to go home and go to bed. Then I couldn’t sleep and needed energy drinks to get thought my job.

But at my new place, I don’t have to spend my days a noise coffee shop. I get to sit here, in the quiet living room. I get to drink tea, or I drink water, or cool aid. I can spend 5 minuets here, or 5 hours here. This lets me spend less money, drive less, and sleep.

Sleeping gets to lets me drink less energy drinks. I don’t even want the coffee most days, or most times any more. I can start to buy better tea now. Just so long as I don’t let the cost get to be too much.

Making the change of a good place to live, can change very thing.


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