Mighty Minion likes less stuff.

I had tons of stuff. I dumped alot of it into storage and didn’t think about it for 2 months. Last monday, I went thought and started getting rid of stuff. I’m not quite finished.
So… what do you keep? what do you get rid of?
I put things into 5 piles.
*Trash: Broken, ripped, rag, scraps of paper, ect. It’s useless.
*Give to friend: if it’s something I’d donate, or maybe something I’d sell that I know a friend would like.
*Donate: It’s still good, but I not worth enough for me to sell. This is where most of my stuff went.
*sell: this is items that I think that i can get enough value for. Like that sold wood table.
*keep: things that I am going to use, things that I can’t bring my self to get rid of. (the doll made for me by my mom, year books). If I don’t use it, am not likely to use it, it Doesn’t belong here.

Let me give you some examples:
Sets of dishes: keep. They are gonna be a real pain to replace.
Most of my cooking stuff: donate.
Xmas stuff: donate.. except for the photo of me… and the ball that I remember making.

My stuff in storage is going to end up being 3 plastic containers, and 1 chest… once I sell the table.

It’s so nice in my room with a ton of space in it now. I have less to keep track of, less to think about, and alot of stuff I don’t need to even think about. I might even get rid of some of my shoes… wait.. I did that to. They went into the trash.


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