Mighty Minion Celebrates… on Mothers day.

I spent one of the worst days of the year making someone else’s day. I went to the zoo, walked around, then made a fruit platter and served a bottle of sparkling juice in nice glasses. After I introduced her to chocolate oranges. total cost to me…. a few hours and a few dollars.
It didn’t matter what I gave. It didn’t matter what I spent. The real gift was saying “your important.” and “your worth me thinking about, and doing something for… on a day that’s important to you.”
The big surprising thing? I spent today enjoying my self, instead of felling sorry for me that I don’t have a mom. Instead I thought about someone else, and made there day for them, using what I had available. And it felt good. It was a celebration… of women who both needed to feel connected, and special.

So, I learned that I too can celebrate mothers day, and that it dosn’t have to be all bad.


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