Do things in the right order

In something order matters. You have to open the mail to read it. You have to unlock the door before you go in, and lock it before you go out. You don’t put your soxes over your shoes.

I just went shopping, again. This time I got some new bras. My old ones didn’t fit, and I tried to skip this step and get a suit that fit. For thoes of you who don’t know, a bra does more then hold lovely lumps of fat in place. It can make the lumps look smaller (Yes!! The shirt button doesn’t pull, break off and hit someone in the eye.) look bigger(I have cleavage), or just keep them up higher (I will not tuck them into my pants.).

So, if you don’t have one that fits, and does what it needs to do from the list above, go buy a new one. Check out the clearance wrack if you’ve got time. Go to Target if you have a hard time finding your size. They have a section where the normal ban sizes with larger cup sizes are at eye level. It’s the section with the mostly solid colored ones.

Now, I might be able to find a reasonable suit to go make sales calls… assuming that I can ever get the needed research done to make one, or two.


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