The Freeing Power of Doing

My car needs an oil change. I’m home almost alone and need to get laundry done. I haven’t seen anyone outside of work and store since friday… I’m driving my self crazy. So many addresses I have to… well you get the idea. I was on the fast track towards laying in bed, scared to rock.
So I did. I started doing. I cleaned my car, I did dishes, I waxed my facial hair (didn’t do a good job, so I still look like the sexy bearded lady.) By the time I was cleaned up from that, I was still feeling a little bit scared.
So I did some more. I called about an oil change. I went. Got it done. Texted with a friend about nothing. Got home around 11, feeling relaxed and good. Still working on the getting things done kick. That giant to do list just ever seems to ever get shorter… Maybe it would if I’d finish things, instead of blogging while cleaning the kitchen?

But at any rate, I moved. I did something that I could do. Then I did something else, and now I feel free. Not trapped by fear.


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