The broke diet.

Do you want to loose weight, and save money? I’ve got the diet for you then. It’s called the broke diet.
I can buy a bag of frozen vegetables at the store for between 2 and 3 dollars. I can buy a bag of lentils for 74 cents. I can then use the can of tomato paste I got on sale for 75 cents, a diced onion, a spoon of garlic (from a jar. the whole jar was 1). toss all into a pot, add seasonings you have on had, and cook until done.

That recpie is good.

I ate free… from my pantry for a week!!!
Soak Red Beans overnight in water. Rince well. (don’t skip this step. Doing so leads to gas,) Simmer with Jalapinos until tender.

This recpie is missing something. It’s just not plesant to sit down to. Maybe it needs more fat? Maybe jsut adding cooked rice would make it better? Maybe I jsut need to get better aquainted with beens?

what about next week? I’m gonna be moving, I picked up some bagles for breakfast (2 dollars). I have some spread… and some real butter left over from a cooking experement. For lunches and dinner? Rice, vegetables, and curry sauce. All of it from the pantry.

Next week is going to be great… and hopefully I will be able to give you some useful recipes to reduce costs around your house soon. I don’t promise that they will be healthy, but so far vegetables, lentils and beans? I’m doing ok there. I don’t promise that they will all be cheep to reproduce. I shop at “discount” stores. I also shop sales, and use coupons. Sometimes I make really good finds. I intend on using them.

Getting to the top takes money… being able to enjoy the top takes health. So I’ll toast with water to our journey being a good one.


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