Mighty Minion Moves again

I found a room. In a place I want to live. For a price I can afford if nothing goes wrong– but we all know that things go wrong, and that life is expensive.

So, what am I doing to solve the problem? I’ve applied for a few *gasp* part-time jobs. Don’t panic. I’m not selling out. My photography keeps running into problems. Most recently it’s getting the tone right. “buy my work or your stupid” just isn’t going to cut it.

So… I’ve got to get packed, Finish taking photos for my current portfolio, finish editing the ones I’ve got, order the photos (any recommendations? I haven’t found a good place to buy from yet.), and write the sales pitch, lean the sales pitch, and buy a suit. *and* get my profile set up. So much work to do… and all I want to do is eat pop corn and watch “startreck enterprise” and crochet.


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