Small space, big problem

The small space had me in tears yesterday. I felt totally helpless to get anything done including a nap. My camera gear was covering the bed. It and the missing backed photography chair are the only available places to set things. So I made my self a cup of tea, borrowed a chair in the living room, and shopped online.
I ended up ordering all of the equipment and supplies that I think I need. I got 2 light stands, 1 reflector stand, one diffuser, and 1 flash. All of them were relatively inexpensive. I think 1 of the light stands is good quality based on both the reviews and the price. The flash is a lesser one in the Nikon line then the Ones I already own, but will be a nice addition. When the cheaper stands break, I’ll replace them with better ones. The important thing is that they stand steady, and firm and work for right now.
Will I have space to store them? Will I be able to cook enough food to have some spare space in my room? Will I be able to finish my current list of crafts before I toss them?


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