More to Fear, getting stuff done

I’ve got my photography set up nearly complete! It’s outside, with the final application of cock drying. I’ll bring it in in 2 hours. I’ll try it out tomorrow, or the next day. Tomorrow’s already really full.
Today I got a lot done. I’ve got one box of stuff to go to storage, 1 box of stuff to go to the thrift store. All of it from stuff I thought I was gonna keep here. But I found that I just don’t have the space.
And I’ve got a new fear. Being locked in a bathroom. I just helped my friend remove her bathroom door so she could get out when the door handle broke. Now, I’m scared that it will happen to me. But when (if) it does happen to me, I’ll miss work. I’ll end up dehydrated. And then I’ll be fired for not showing up…
thank god that there’s a curtain Hanging up right now… and not a door.


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