Portfolios are a pain

I’m working on getting together a few photography portfolios for my self.  They are for different things, because someone who is looking to get a portrait of a pet doesn’t want to see food photography. Each one is going to be 5 to 10 photographs… 

So I’m going through my photographs and finding ones that work. In order to use them, I want them to be really, really good.  So I’m reediting some of my old ones… and I made one major mistake in editing again, and again.  When using non-destructive photo editing, don’t crop first. Crop last. alway crop last. Often, don’t crop until you’re going to display the photograph because the size matters.

Other then that… as I’ve been taking photographs, I’ve noticed that ones that I *loved* when I took them don’t look good any more. The ones that used to be in my portfolio last year… scare me. No wonder I failed at getting people to sign up for having *me* be there photographer. I got lots of “good jobs” from my friends… but couldn’t get them to make the time for me to get with there pets for a free portrait… so I listened.  I improved my photography, and now I’m going to be trying again.

I just want to be done with the portfolio already.


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