Mighty Minion Moves Quickly

On Thursday evening I left home. I did do with no idea of where I was going to end up. The only thing that I took with me was my phone, computer,  and car. I didn’t know where I’d end up.  It was the cliché dark and stormy night. I didn’t plan it that way. I was frightened but glad to be out. For the first time I felt free…

I found a place to stay. I’ve sense found that I had more options then I’d believed.  I have a wonderful network of people who are here for me. I didn’t have that at one time. It is wonderful to find that I really do have friends. I’m still amazed about that part.  I’m now in a place where I”m safe and cared for. Where I am celeberated and accepted.

I am in a place that I’d believed that only money could get me. That I had no value to so many people. That my value came in my ability to pay people. But it’s better to have people who care for me, and about me.

I also learned that the definition of Mighty Minion is one who makes choices, and takes action to make the life they want. Not just the job that they want. There for, the definition of Fearless Leader is one who has the life, and job they want.  That for me is a huge shift.


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