No Internet

No internet again– People are like crabs.

It’s been over24 hours and the internets been up for about 5 minutes. This is being posted the day after it was writen, at a cafe. Right now, my current to do list that’s being cut short:
Finding out about local and federal tax law,
Market research
Finding out if my list of user names is taken already.
Seeing if there’s a way a business card should look.
Finding a new crochet pattern. (I can’t work all the time.)
Uploading my 2 new calendars to gmail.
Back-up my computer on line.

I’ve heard that if you put crabs in a bucket, and one crab tries to climb out the rest will pull it back in. They will be very aggressive about this, even to the point of causing damage to the one trying to except. The people that I live with are doing this to me. I’m trying to get out of the rat race. They are doing everything in there power (like turning off the internet.) to ensure that I not only stay in the rat race, but in the bottom of the rat race.

So, when things go wrong, what do I do? Depends on how much energy I have. Today, I’m going to work with my photographs learning photoshop. This will move me in the direction that I want to go.

I’m also not going to let the people I rent from off so easy. I’m all paid up, as always… and internet is a part of the bargain. It would be different if thing around here got taken care of, but they don’t.


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