The value of Time off.

I took what was to be a 4 day vacation. I was going to spend the whole time sleeping, and watching movies, and eating prepared food. I had some time coming that I needed to use before I reached my limit at work.
I spent day one sleeping. Day two.. I ate, slept and watched tv.
Then I got board… so I put into action the finishing touches of my latest business attempt.. Housekeeping. I was still in the market research stage… or the trying to find clients then I’d get all my ducks in a row once I had it planned out…
When I got back to work, I had a week of seeing all of it’s good qualities. The reasons why I chose where I worked in the first place. I liked the hours, the time spent alone, and being able to see a result from my work. It was well suited to me, and I enjoyed it.

It brought back memories of when I started. Memories of when gas was alot less expensive, and I didn’t have a car payment. Back when I’d known without a doubt that I was going to be moving, and driving the same old car. Back when I’d believed that my work there made a difference, and that I’d be recognized for my strengths.
Now… I know that it’s just a job that bairly pays the bills, and I get just enough to keep me working. In return, I give just enough to keep me full time, at my current position. Fair trade? I guess.
So, time off gave me just enough of a refresher to be able to pretend like I like my job. And I enjoyed it.


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