Upgraded to a smart phone…. And saved.

I have been using the same phone for years. I’ve had the same phone plan for years. I used to have a palm pilot back when I was going through collage. It’s the only way that I could get to classes on time. So I started to look at my options for scheduling. I could get an iPhone, or an iPod. I couldn’t afford the iPhone plan. It would have increased my phone bill by 30 dollars… and I already felt like I was paying way too much. The iPod would have added another device to carry around, and were really, really expensive.

My answer at the time? Put it on the list to save for, and wait.

But, I got another answer option. Republic Wireless. Its still in bata. So far, I love/hate there service. I love that it’s a huge upgrade from my previous phone, and previous PDA. I love that it works. I love that I save money with it. I hate that it’s not an iPhone. I still want one. But my money is going this way.


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