So happy I have a “shit happens” fund.

Lately, I’ve been hit by a lot of expensive stuff.  I get paid less now that the tax cuts were canceled. Might not make much of a difference to you, but that was my “induldge” money. The kind that I used to buy my self 2 hours at a cafe with a few days a week. I know it sounds stupid, but for the price of a cup of coffee, I could sit in a mostly comfortable chair, and work.  *my little slice of heaven* 

Not that I could go and sit there and work right now any way. My laptop’s been converted into a very lovely desktop. The battery life is almost nonexistent.  This is why computers should stay dry. The build in track-pad seems to think that it’s always left clicking and disabling it also disables the keyboard. So, I get to rely on an external keyboard, and an external mouse. 

I’ve also got a toothache.  The dentist scares me.  And is expensive. 

It looks like my shit happens fund is going to get drained by a lot. 


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