Saving money and the planet.

I want the world to be beautiful. I want the world to still surprise and awe humanity for generations. But I also want to save money and time. How do I do both? I do little things. 

I plan my driving trips, so that I drive less. 

I turn off lights when leaving a room. 

I compost leaves of the trees

I open windows instead of using an ac

I use an electric blanket instead of a space heater.

I use rechargeable batteries. 

I shop at thrift stores, and donate to them.

I reuse and repurpose things.  The plastic marshmallow cream containers hold my lunches at my job, and glass pickle jars hold the food in the fridge. 


In short, I am finding ways to use less. By using fewer resources today, there are more left for tomorrow.  I’m saving money that I can use for a new flash.  The best part? You can do the same, starting right now.  


Help reduce the planets stress, and save money. It’s  a win, win.


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