Why do we give presents?  Do they really add value?

I’ve gotten lots of really bad presents. i’ve gotten an equal number of really good presents. But are we really getting our money’s worth? are we getting 10 dollars worth of happiness for the 10 dollars we spend.

This year, I already got a present from my grandmother. Mostly books, sent by mail. I love books.  But I don’t read the paper ones any more.  Now I’ve got a few things to take to the thrift store, and money gets passed around.

So is there a better way to do things? I happen to think so. We could give gifts off of wish lists.  Or we could give cards, letter, and phone calls. Or we could give made gifts, of things that we enjoy and are good at making. Or we could give cash.

We’d still be showing that we care. We’ll still be spending money.  But we’ll get more for our dollars this way.

Maybe I’m missing something.  But I’ve always seen the world just a little bit differently.


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